Editorial Board

Editor in chief:

Assoc. prof. Svetlana Nedelcheva, PhD (Bulgaria)

Prof. Dr. habil. Hana Gladkova (Czech Republic)

Prof. Dr. habil. Grażyna Szwat-Gyłybowa (Poland)

Prof. Ljiljana Saric, PhD (Norway)

Prof. Dr. habil. Berrin Aksoy (Turkey)

Assoc. prof. Snezhana Velikova, PhD (Bulgaria)

Assoc. prof. Olena Chmir, PhD (Ukraine)

Assoc. prof. Stefan Minkov, PhD (Bulgaria)

Senior lecturer Biserka Stoimenova, PhD (Bulgaria)



About Us

Lyuboslovie is a journal of the Faculty of Humanities at Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen. It was first published in 1996. The idea belongs to assoc. prof. Nikolay Dimkov, who became its first editor in chief. At the beginning the journal is a repetition not only of the name of Fotinov’s prototype but also its book-cover. Later on its appearance changes, however, its publication policy assumed at its foundation is still preserved.


Lyuboslovie is an annual journal (paperback till 2008, since then both paperback and electronic edition) and it contains articles in the fields of philology, history and archeology, theology, theory of mass media by researchers at Shumen University, Bulgarian and foreign scientists. The journal also comprises memoirs and documents which reveal facts about the life and work of notable people in the history of Bulgarian culture and the national social life, as well as reviews of recently published books within the scope of humanities.

Publication Ethics

Faculty of Humanities
Shumen University

In its publication policy the Faculty of Humanities at Shumen University observes the accepted international standards of publication ethics. The rules of ethics apply to all participants in the publication process: authors and reviewers, editors and publishers...

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Formatting Guide

The articles should contain an abstract and key words in English. The authors name and the title of the article should be both in English and in the language of the article. The article is approved after peer reviewing and editing by the journal’s editorial board...

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International Standard Serial Number: 10/2009 – 1311-9486; 11/2011 – 1311-9486; 12/2012 – 1314-6033; 13/2013 – 1314-6033; 14/2014 – 1314-6033; 15/2015 – 1314-6033; 16/2016 – 1314-6033.